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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: [Why undergo psychotherapy?] Finding out the causes that lead oneself to feel unsettled in every day life. Many anxieties are only possible to verbilise when undergoing  psychotherapy. Many physical illnesses themselves have  a strong psychological component. Many physical symptoms abate or cease during or after the psychotherapeutic treatment.

Another aspect to consider is that being immersed in a contemporary society where, through social media, many find a partner, separating becomes a harder problem than finding someone. Life is more complex than it seems. Working through draining, stressful situations in  everyday life becomes an available path through psychotherapy. Life can become lighter and in many cases where antidepressants are being taken they can be ceased. Psychotherapy is a process that does take a certain time however it has lifelong positive results.

Q: How do you make an appointment with me?

A: You can make an appointment directly with me. On the other hand, your GP may also refer the patient to the psychologist based on the positive feedback the GP gets, that is, an amelioration in their mental and physical health and life style.



Q: [What are the fees?]

A: The fees are discussed in the first interview.