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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: [What is psychology? What is psychotherapy?]


Q: [Why undergo psychotherapy?]
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Q: [How do I choose a psychotherapist?]
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Q: [How does the doctor choose to which psychologist they will refer the patient?]

A: The General Practitioner (GP) is a doctor who provides ongoing general health care. The GP refers the patient to the psychologist. The GP has access to a list of psychologists in private practice.

If you know the name of the psychologist you want to see, you can tell your doctor who will refer you accordingly.

Q: [What are the fees?]

A: In November 2006 the Australian government introduced some key changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to make it easier for people to be referred to psychologists as well as psychiatrists for mental health care.

For Psychology fees, see the Mental Health Medicare Items FAQ produced by the Australian Psychological Society